Dried Gourds

Dried Gourds


    Our gourds are clean and ready for gourd crafting and decorating without any finishing needed. A polyurethane or polycrylic could be added for a nice sheen. 

    Our dried gourds are measured and sorted by diameter. Because they are natural gourds, sizes and shapes will vary but will stay true to the gourd variety that you see in the photos.

    Our gourds are grown, prepared, and shipped from our 200-acre family-owned farm in Pennsylvania. We've been crafting with gourds for 29 years, and we're committed to growing quality hard shell gourds that we can be proud of. 

    Crafting with hard shell gourds is a lot like crafting with wood. Many crafters paint our dried gourds with acrylic, latex, and oil paints. You can dye gourds with many types of dyes, but most use wood dyes or leather dyes.

    Have a question about our dried gourds or crafting with gourds? Please message us! We are passionate about gourds and would love to help!