GOURDian Angels Woven Basket - Medium Sunflower Yellow

GOURDian Angels Woven Basket - Medium Sunflower Yellow


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Jack and Joyce Menefee who own "The GOURDinan Angels" take pride in creating beautiful woven gourds out of the various gourds. This medium gourd basket is approximately 8" in diameter and is yellow in color. This basket has beautiful hand-woven natural colored reed and is such a classy design that would fit with any home décor.

The GOURDian Angels, Virginia, Founded 2011

GOURDian Angels began crafting in 2011 however, their story began over fifty years ago.  Joyce and Jack lived across the street from each other in Tacoma Park, Maryland when they were kids, and he became her first boyfriend at the age of fifteen.  They lasted for a while and eventually went their own ways.  Forty years later, after they each had experienced sadness and sorrow, they found themselves single again and were able to reconnect and pick up where they left off.  They moved to Southwest Virginia and spend their time visiting their children, taking trips to the beach, and participating in craft shows around the area.  They were married in 2012 and are so happy to have found each other at this point in their lives. 

One trip to Meadowbrooke Gourds many years ago got Jack's creative juices going.  They take pride in creating beautiful woven gourds out of the various gourds bought at Meadowbrooke Gourds and enjoy spending hours working together each week.

Because this design is crafted using a natural gourd, each piece is ever so slightly different to make for a unique artisan piece with natural variance in color and size.

 Warning: Gourds are flammable. Do not use candles in them or place near open flames.

  • Display your gourd where it isn't exposed to excessive moisture and avoid long periods of direct sunlight.
  • When storing your gourd, choose a cool, dark, and dry environment.
  • To clean your gourds, wipe them with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Light your gourd with electric lights (7 watt max) or battery-operated lights only. Never place a lit candle in a gourd because gourds are flammable.

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