Well May is Here

Well, May is here, our egg hunt is over, we are back from our company trip and we are getting ready for our planting season here at Meadowbrooke.

May is the perfect month to start ordering your gourd seeds and get them started inside. If you need some pointers as to how and when to start gourds in your area, check out these blogs written last year by one of our master gourd farmers and owner of Meadowbrooke Gourds, Ben Bear.

Unfortunately, they have not handed the art to me. Every year, I plant flowers on the front porch in the window boxes and by the handicap ramp and every year, I struggle to keep them alive and growing. Thank goodness, I don’t have acres to take care of. This year I have made a promise to myself that I will do my homework and pick the best plants for my area, fertilize them as needed and water them. Maybe I will even talk to them to see how that works.

Speaking of plants and trying to keep them alive. Have you checked out the new arrival this month? It is a gorgeous succulent arrangement in a beautiful natural warty gourd. The best part - the succulents are so real looking that you would not know they weren’t so that means you can’t kill them. No watering or fertilizing needed. I can put this anywhere in my house or store and it will always stay pretty (and alive). This gourd would make a great gift for those that weren’t born with a green thumb.

Lastly, I hope all of you have a nice Memorial Day.

Until next month,