Welcome to a New Year!

2019!! Welcome to a new year. January for me means catching my breath after a very busy Fall and Winter season. The holidays are over, and my store desperately needs some organization. The first few days, I dusted EVERYTHING and moved gourds around to fill in empty spots to make room for all the new gourd designs to arrive.

I am super excited for all the new designs to start coming through and being able to show them in my store first! For spring, we have a new “chocolate” colored bunny named Chester (and you all know how much I love CHOCOLATE!), some new additions to the Dillard family, and lots of new Littles. Our farm décor fans will love our new All-Season line with additions to our farm animals and we have a new elephant named Ellie (for those of you that love elephants, you know how long we have been working on this one)! Not all of them are available right now since they are still making their way through the crafting areas but look for them soon.

I also just got back from Atlanta and will be heading to Philadelphia to help at the wholesale shows we do. Wholesale shows are like a huge shopping experience for businesses, big and small, where companies come from all over the world to show their products to see if you think it would sell in your store. We got to meet our customers including one from Italy who made the long trip to see us. This is where I get a lot of neat ideas of what I think would work well with our gourds. I’m pumped because I have decided that I would like to expand a little bit and see about getting some new things in the store. If you have any great ideas on what else you would like to see us offer in our store send a message through Facebook, email, or mention it to me when you visit the store. Gourds will always be my first love but doesn’t hurt to look, right?

I know many have been wondering about the Spring Create Your Own, Egg Hunt, sale and tours, so here is the information on that:

  • Create Your Own: March 30 & 31 and April 6 & 7
  • Egg Hunt: April 27
  • Spring Sale: April 6-12 25% off Spring and All Season regular Meadowbrooke Gourds
  • Spring Tours: April 8-12 Public Tour @2:00 pm everyday – no reservations needed

I know this is a lot of information. I just wanted to catch you up on all the great things being planned at Meadowbrooke. I will be giving updates as things become available to me. In the meantime, if you are interested in any of our events this year please sign up for our email newsletter. Our newsletter subscribers get at least 24 hours advanced notice on signups and everything else happening at the farm. Our events have become so popular that if you want to make sure to get in you really need to get our newsletter. Hope 2019 is off to a fabulous start!

Until next month, Dori