The Story of Our Master Craftsman, Joe “Danger” Seaux

Joseph “Danger” Seaux was born thirty-some years ago in Lafayette, Louisiana, the youngest of three brothers. At the age of three, his family moved to the Carlisle area and has remained ever since, tucked into the comforting hills of the blue mountains of central Pennsylvania. After Joe graduated from high school, he was undecided as to what his vocation in life should be. He tried many various jobs but found his interest lacking in both the challenge and the overall likability of his current livelihood. Until one day, he was perusing the local paper in search of a job (seeing as how he was currently without one) and he happened to see an unusual ad. It was short and sweet, much like Joe himself, and it read,

“Floater position at local gourd crafting company available. Please call for an interview.”

Joe called, interviewed, spent a day at the farm and was eventually not hired. Disappointed due to the fact that he truly felt it was a good place to be and work, he kept searching. A month later, he received a call saying that if he was still interested, the job was his and as they say, the rest is history.

Joe has been with Meadowbrooke for over 13 years now and after several years in the “floating position”, he landed, quite comfortably in the crafting department, which is where you can find him to this day. He is now, what they call a “master crafter” who works full time handcrafting gourds and he also helps out when he can at shows and at the open houses when needed. One of Joe’s favorite things about his job at Meadowbrooke is the flexibility, which comes in handy now that he has two, beautiful little girls that occupy most of his free time. He is an avid golfer and most recently, a very proud gardener, but there is one thing that most do not know about Joseph Seaux and that is, he happens to be a very good and very proficient writer. (As well as some sort of savant when it comes to the use of grammar) Joe has to lead a very full and very interesting life thus far, even for his tender years, and I’m sure if he had the time, he could write quite a few books that would be worth reading.

This blog post was written by Heather Shelley

Heather is a contributing writer and former member of the Meadowbrooke team who helped make Meadowbrooke Gourds the company it is today. She is now pursuing her dreams as a photographer with Dreaming Tree Studios.