The Meadowbrooke Crew and their Furry Companions

Each morning my husband, Ben, gets ready for work. Our dog, Lucy, watches him intently because she is not going to let him leave without her. She keeps close to his heels and carefully nudges her wet nose against his calf to let him know she’s right there. Ben and Lucy have the luxury of walking to work because we live here on the farm. Lucy is always looking for an adventure and today she is certain there is lots of fun to be had by going to work with him.

Lucy is not the only dog that spends her days hanging out with the Meadowbrooke crew. Lucy has several other canine friends that also come along to work with their human companions. We all enjoy the dogs and their silly personalities. Behr is a beautiful German Shepherd/Husky mix that was rescued. He spends his days with his owner, Nathan, in the shipping department. Behr lives with Nathan here on the farm. If you happen to come to visit us and pass a golf cart along our road, don’t be surprised if you see Nathan (with Behr right beside him) riding to work.

Jaxx is an occasional visitor here at the farm. At four months old, he is still a puppy and sometimes gets into trouble. Kenny, his owner, works in the finishing room. It’s hard for Ken to get a lot done when Jaxx comes along to work. That’s why we only get to see him on occasion.

If you enter the washroom, you will be greeted by Candace and her faithful companion, Muggy. Muggy is a Bulldog and loves to come along to work. Candace says he makes sure he’s sitting by the car so she doesn’t forget him. Muggy has figured out how to open the doors here at the farm and is a frequent visitor to the finishing room (probably because of the dog treats Kara has in her drawer).

The crafting room has their own canine companion, Ruby Tuesday. Ruby comes along to work with her owner, Joe. Ruby is a Border Collie/Samoyed mix and she’s about nine months old. She has lots of energy and you definitely take notice when she enters the crafting room. It takes her about 30 minutes to calm down. One last thing about Ruby, she loves to steal your chair. If you get up, for any reason, you better look before you sit back down. I can’t forget to mention our cat, Honey. She lives here at the farm. We found her as a stray and took her in so she’d have a home. She’s a really sweet cat and is very good about tolerating all the dogs that come to visit her. She puts them in their place if they get too close.

Our retail store is a favorite place for the dogs to stop by. They know that Dori has dog treats behind the counter and they love to visit her. So as you can see, our Meadowbrooke family includes many furry companions. All the dogs get along well together and we enjoy having them around. They make us laugh and add some excitement to our days. If you come to visit, you’re very likely to meet some of them.