September and Sunflowers

Lots of things are happening at Meadowbrooke Gourds. September is a time of transition. For the store, things are switching to Fall decorations including burnt orange pumpkins, scarecrows, ghostly ghosts and lots of happy witches. I have most of the store’s decorations for Fall on display including our great new Fall gourds. Although, here in PA right now, you’d never know Fall was even thought with our 95-degree weather and I swear 100% humidity. Those of you in the south, you have my respect, I don’t know how you do it.

We figure in about a week, our sunflowers should start blooming and the pretty sight of yellow happiness will greet all that come to the farm. We are excited for that time to start and we have some big plans and are trying some new things this year that we think you are going to love. We also have vastly increased the number of sunflowers we have planted so we expect the farm should have some gorgeous views when all the fields are ready.

When the sunflowers do come in we will have daily updates on the field and parking conditions on our website homepage or you can call (717) 776-6029 where we will also have daily updates. Please check one of these places before you come out, so you can know about the weather here or anything else going on that day that could affect your enjoyment of our sunflower fields. The first weekend in October will be our first ever Sunflower Festival. During the Festival, we will have free pick your own sunflowers, horse has drawn hay rides around the field (for a minimal charge), Nomad Cuisine is cooking up some delicious food, and our outside Annual Fall Oops Sale.

Another big event held this month is our Fall Create Your Own. Currently, all our time slots are filled but you can put your name on the wait list for whichever day is good for you and if I get any openings, I will start working down the list. I have already called a few people to fill in spots that opened. So, please don’t be afraid to put your name on the list. For those that don’t know about our Create Your Own, this is your chance to come out and make your own creations with the help of our crafters. Prices for the projects range from $7.00-$40.00 and we have redesigned almost all the gourds so even if you have been here before, you will get to craft some new ones.

Now is the time to start digging out your fall decorations and maybe add some new ones. Whether you are close and come out to the farm or you need to order online because you are a little further away, we have great fall gourds waiting to leave the farm. Each piece is unique and will welcome the autumn season into your home.

Until next month,