Remembering Shawn Trostle

Our Meadowbrooke family is saddened to report the passing of one of our own, Shawn Trostle. Shawn had been working for Ben (Meadowbrooke’s owner) for over 30 years starting at the age of 13 and was one of our founding members of Meadowbrooke Gourds.

Many of you will know him for all the many “hats” he wore or for his ponytail that always stuck out the back of his cap. Many of you may remember him when we went to Valley Forge Cash and Carry’s many years ago. He was a runner between the truck and the booth or was the leader you followed to the truck so you could buy from the back. He started at the beginning as our only finisher and shipper, going to our Cash and Carry shows, working up to production manager and most recently was our parting out manager.

We did not just lose a co-worker and friend, we have lost a very special part of our gourd family. Shawn could sometimes come across as gruff (as one of his forever friends stated) but underneath that was the sweetest, most patient, level headed, caring and the laid-back guy you would ever want to meet. He had a huge heart of gold and would have done anything in his power to help you if he could. Shawn went wherever he was needed, filling in on farm crew, driving a tractor or even in the retail store. He knew how to have a good time and we will miss his laugh and smart comments. Somehow it still feels surreal, like he’s just on some hiking, fishing or hunting trip, playing with his dogs, Cash and Waylon or visiting family and expects him to walk through the door with the smirky grin to let you know he was up to something.

Our daily work days will never be quite the same, our company trips will always be missing our bartender that could make very strong ginger and SoCo or Jack and Cokes and his seat at our meetings will now always be empty.

Shawn passed from an enlarged heart on Sunday, March 11th at his home totally unexpected. Ironically, the loving heart that Shawn lived his life with would also be what took him from us. Shawn, you were loved by all of us and will always be remembered. Your memory will be with all of us until we meet again!