Our New Create Your Own Craft Kits

Over a year ago we set out to bring the experience of crafting your own unique gourd creations to people in their own homes. Our create your own classes and events at Meadowbrooke have been very popular and we really wanted to expand upon that and make crafting gourds more accessible to more people. There is just something special about making something for yourself or a personalized gift for somebody else. I think that it is the story you get to tell when somebody notices it in your house or unwraps your present. It becomes something that isn’t just a decoration that you put out for the holidays, it is something that you made and there is always a sense of pride and accomplishment that go along with creating something yourself. The story and experience of how you created it is just as, if not more valuable, than the finished piece itself.

Those of you who have been out here for a tour know that crafting gourds is not something that is typically easy to do. Most people look at a raw gourd and see just that. It is the rare people who can see the potential and then create something beautiful out of a completely blank canvas. On top of that, there is a lot of technical skill that goes into almost any product we create. We wanted to solve both of these problems by creating kits where a general idea of what you can create is already there, and then give plenty of examples of how you can customize it for yourself. We also decided to do some of the work that requires technical skill here before you buy it so that nobody has to worry they don’t have the ability to create what they want. We believe this will give anyone of any age or skill level the ability to create something they love.

We decided to hold free classes for adults and kids to get their input about the kits. Some of you may have seen these classes offered on Facebook and some may have also participated. We limited the number of adults and kids in each class so we could really hear the feedback that was given. We asked a lot of questions and also had a questionnaire for all of them to fill out with additional information. I am sure it didn’t hurt that we offered wine and cheese/crackers at the adult class and punch and snacks at the kid’s class so they wouldn’t get hungry or thirsty creating all their unique gourds. These classes made us totally rethink what we were going to offer and the feedback about every class was invaluable.

We learned that some like to have a lit gourd while to others it didn’t matter. We learned that some like to have a cut out already done for them on the gourd so they had what they considered a more finished gourd when they were done. Others wanted a completely blank canvas to let their imaginations go crazy and make it uniquely theirs. After all the classes and feedback were reviewed with a lot of care we finally are happy to announce that the first five craft kits have made it the website just in time for the holiday season.

While we are very excited to finally have our craft kits developed to the point where we can offer them for sale online we realize that our work here isn’t complete. We are continually working to improve both the kits themselves and provide more information teaching you how to do more with your gourds at home. To do this we really want to hear from you about your experience with our craft kits. What made you smile and what do you think we could do to improve. We also would love to see what you decided to create at home and hear any tips you have for other new artists giving gourd crafting a try.

If you continue reading we have included a little more detail on each of the craft kits. We hope that whether you are looking for a present or something to do with your family over the holidays, that our craft kits will help make this holiday season special and help you make something to remember them by.

Create your own Birdhouse

Our gourd birdhouse kit comes with a gourd that is approximately 6” in diameter and has a 1 1/8” entrance hole, drainage holes, and hanger already installed. Our kit comes with instructions and tips on how to create a lasting design that you make you smile for years to come.

Create your own Angel (Lit and Unlit)Our Angel kits allow you to choose between a Lit and Unlit version. The Lit version comes with distinctive Meadowbrooke cutouts and accessories that allow it to be lit with a small battery operated candle (included), while the Unlit kit allows you to have full creative freedom. Our angels include a simple Meadowbrooke angel face so to get you started.

In both kits, you receive our signature metal angel wings, a star accessory, and wire halo, but you are welcome to use your own materials for a completely different look. We have been simply amazed by the unique and beautiful creations that our Create Your Own crafters have made.

Create your own Snowman (Lit and Unlit)

Our Snowman kits allow you to choose between a snowflake cutout that is lit with a battery operated candle (included), or a plain belly so that you may choose your own design. Each snowman includes a “carrot” nose, scarf and hat.

Our Create Your Own crafters have had tons of fun accessorizing and adding their own spin on a traditional Meadowbrooke Gourds product. Our snowman face is a clean slate to add additional character and personality to your snowman.