New Additions to our Retail Store

So, for the last six weeks, I have been busy going to wholesale shows and looking for new and great product to carry in our retail store to go along with our handcrafted gourds. I wanted to let you in on some of the great decorations I’ve found and about some of the lines that will be continued this year.

New Soap and Accessories

The first new line coming is the Greenwich Bay Trading Co. Soaps. Greenwich Soaps is located in Raleigh, NC and has been family owned and operated since 1962. They formulate and craft luxurious vegetable soaps and spa essentials enriched with botanical butters, essential oils and natural extracts. These wonderful smelling soaps, body lotions and hand soaps will soon be adorning our shelves just in time for spring.
To compliment the soaps, I have ordered Soap Lifts which will arrive while I’m gone. The Soap Lifts are 100% made in the U.S.A. by a woman owned, family run business. They are made from a corn based bioplastic, are wrapped in a recycled craft paper and come in lots of different colors for all decors. No more soupy soaps!

Basti Wood Studio

To accent Meadowbrooke Village and our woodland gourd animals, I was able to find really cool trees that are cut freehand from wood. Basti’s studio is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Their focus is creating iconic shapes from wood with the natural bark still attached. Each tree is totally unique and will look great in any cabin, lake house or woodsy décor.

Ceramic Dishes & 100-year-old Ducks

Last year in Atlanta, I found August Ceramics. They are located in a historic mill in Whitinsville, MA and have been designing and hand-crafting clay products for over 25 years. I started with a few designs last year but decided to order more designs for different seasons and décor this year. They are very versatile and can be used in the kitchen as a spoon rest, bedroom to hold jewelry or propped on a little picture holder to sit on a shelf or table.


Right before I left for Philadelphia, a shipment of Rocky Mountain Rustic Ducks arrived. These hand-crafted cedar ducks began their journey over a hundred years ago as juniper fence posts planted in ranches and fields across the early American West. The quality is unsurpassable and there are no two that are alike, much like our gourds.


I hope you are excited as I am for these new items to hit the store. I am anxious to start decorating for spring (yes, I start already). Start putting away the snowmen and snowflakes and bring out the bunnies, chicks and pastel colors. Now, when you come to the store, not only can you get our unique gourds, you will be able to pick up a little something to accent your purchase or buy something for yourself. I’ll keep you updated

Until next month,