Meet Amber!

I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our production team, Amber. She spends her time in our finishing room tying bows, sponging gourds, gluing on heads and making sure our gourds look their best before they head to quality control and on to their new homes.

Amber was born in Carlisle, PA and grew up in the Newville,PA area. She graduated in 2015 from Big Spring School District and continued her education at Penn State Mont Alto where she graduated with her license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Now you may ask, how did a licensed PTA find her way to a crazy little gourd crafting company. One word: Ashley (who also happens to work in the finishing room).

Ashley and Amber became friends and when Ashley mentioned she was looking for help on her farm crew in the fall of 2017, Amber applied and that was the beginning. As time went on and we started crafting 1000’s of Littles (our new line for 2019), we realized this also meant 1000’s of bows that needed tied. Again, Amber stepped up to fill this spot. She would come to the farm on the couple of days each week she was off at noon from her PTA job in Carlisle. Earlier this year, a full time position opened up and Amber was quick to let us know she would love to work for us and leave physical therapy behind.

Amber has always enjoyed some form of art whether it was painting, drawing or crafting and took classes both in high school and college. This new job seemed to fill the space for her artistic niche. She hadn’t realized how much she missed it until she was not doing it on a regular basis. Her favorite part of the job is that it is different every day. The gourds change daily and what needs done to each one. The hardest part right now is trying to remember the names, codes and what needs done to each gourd but she is getting better at it the more she works with them.

When she is not here at the farm, she enjoys anything outside especially kayaking, hiking and running. She is also a vlogger with her boyfriend, Trey, where they show you a little of their daily life as a couple. She has a younger sister, Taylor and is very active in her church where she helps teach Vacation Bible School, Junior Church and participates in their Youth Paint nights.

Ben has nicknamed her “Grouchy” but that is only because Amber is never without a smile on her face. She is always upbeat and happy and if she is having a bad day, you will never know it. I am sure many of you will get to meet her during the Create Your Owns, Saturday’s classes and any other event on the farm because she will make a wonderful teacher. Welcome to Meadowbrooke Amber, we are so glad you came aboard!