Meadowbrooke’s Punta Cana Vacation 2018

​When we left a few weekends ago heading to Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic for our company trip, we had no idea that we would be landing in paradise a few hours later. There were 23 of us that went on the trip and we all made it back a little tanner (some a little burnt) and a lot more relaxed. The beautiful blue water was warm and inviting and the weather was wonderful. The maids would adorn our beds with towels shaped like hearts, dolls and delicate hibiscus flowers to welcome us and everything was so green and colorful.

We had meetings several mornings for a few hours. The first meeting we had, we called The Good, The Bad and The Improvements. We went over all the events, create your owns, oops sales, retail and wholesale sales, crafting areas and just Meadowbrooke in general for the year 2017. We listed the things we thought we did really well, the things we did not do so well and the areas we wanted to improve upon. This was everyone’s chance to speak up and share their perspective of the year before and allows us to look at all angles and start planning.

After a few more meetings about some of these plans, we did an old fashioned scavenger hunt. We split up into 4 teams and received our list. There were roughly 10 tasks that we had to complete in 30 minutes. Each task was worth points and the team with the most points won the hunt. I am sorry to say, my team did not win but we had fun trying. The winning team was Team Dolphin which consisted of Ashley, Roger, Diane and Todd. Congratulations! (This mention is really the only thing they won, HAHA!). They completed their task with a score of 100 out of 140. 

Our company trips are one of those special times that we really get to see people outside of work, find out about their families and dreams and get to know a lot more about them. I believe that once you get to know all the different personalities we have it allows us to work so much better together as a team.

After a week, most were ready to get back to spouses, kids and a normal schedule. We were so happy when we landed in Baltimore to see that some green was starting to grow and trees had started to blossom. Spring is finally here!