Meadowbrooke’s Egg Hunt 2020

All of us at Meadowbrooke feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a company that looks for ways to give back to the community around us. One of the ways we found that we could do this was during our Annual Egg Hunt. We started collecting one canned good from every person who signed up to hunt gourd eggs as an admission “fee”. This equated to about 1200 cans of non perishable goods which were boxed up and delivered to several local food banks over the years. This worked great as long as everyone who signed up actually attended the egg hunt. What we have been noticing over the years is that people would sign up but fail to show up for their scheduled hunt. Last year we had about 40% of the people who signed up not actually attend. Because of this we decided to make some changes to hopefully create a bigger impact for the local charities and service organizations we are helping to support, and provide for a fun community experience for you!

Donation Information

Instead of a canned good this year we will be asking for a $5.00 donation per person to participate in our hunts. We believe that part of the reason we have had so many people sign up but not actually show up to participate is because there was no cost involved. We are hoping that this change will help us ensure that those who sign up really do show up to the hunt so that more people can have the opportunity to attend, and also to make a much more significant contribution to the charity we try to help each year. This donation will be collected at the time of registration and will be non-refundable. From this donation, $4.00 will be donated to Susquehanna Service Dog (SSD) and the remaining $1.00 will go towards processing fees we incur in taking a monetary donation instead of a canned good. As many of you know, we have already begun to raise money for SSD so they can build a much needed dog run to be built in Shawn Trostle’s name, an employee we lost last March, who played a huge part at the Egg Hunts. For more information on this, please visit our blog at As an addition this year, when you check in for the egg hunt, you will receive a $5.00 coupon that can be used in the store on the day of the egg hunt only for any purchase over $25.00.

Egg Hunt Dates

Our 2020 Egg Hunt will be April 25th with a rain date of May 2nd.

Egg Hunt Registration

Registration for the Egg Hunt will be opening soon and the hunts fill up very quickly. Start talking to your friends and family members now to find out which hunt would be best for everyone and get a count as to who is interested. This way when registration does open, you are ready to go and won’t be disappointed when you have to wait to hear back from everyone and miss out.

We are super excited for these new changes to take place so we can better help the community we live in and near. We are fortunate to have wonderful customers, family and friends who are always so willing to help us with the endeavors that we set out to improve as a result of our Annual Gourd Egg Hunt. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Spring events coming up and hopefully some warmer weather.