May at Meadowbrooke

It is definitely starting to feel and look like Spring here on the farm. Flowers are starting to blossom, grass is getting green and the trees are budding with lots of new leaves. The farm is getting ready for the new growing season. Last year’s gourds have all been harvested and our farm crew is starting to sort them according to variety and size.

May is the month we start our gourd seeds in the greenhouse for this year’s crop. We still have many of our seeds still in stock but we have been selling them for the past few weeks as gourd growers are getting ready to plant. If you would like to try growing this year, here are a few tips to get you started. We suggest starting your seeds inside about three to four weeks before you plan to plant them outside. Plant your seed about an inch in the soil. Once planted, water your seed thoroughly, about 3 times, 5-10 minutes apart making sure the water runs out the bottom each time. Place your seed pots in the warmest spot in your house. They will start sprouting in about a week. Once they start sprouting, you want to move your pots to the sunniest part of your house. During the day, you can move the pots outside to start hardening them for when you decide to plant them outside. Do this for about two to three weeks and after the threat of frost is gone, your seeding are ready to be planted in your garden.

May is also the month we honor our Mothers, Mother-in-Laws, Stepmothers and those wonderful women who have been our Mother figures. Mother’s Day is May 12th this year. You still have time to order that special gourd for your special lady. We have Wine Silhouettes for the wine enthusiasts, Birdhouses for those that love to watch their feathered friends or this month’s new arrival, the Cumberland Barn with a free Lil’ Nellie the cow to bring a smile to her face. I’m sure whatever you choose, she will be very excited to receive it.

Lastly, we would like to remember those that are currently serving or have died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. Armed Forces Day will be celebrated on May 18th and Memorial Day is at the end of the month on the 27th. We thank you all for your service.

Until next month, Dori