Gourd Craft Kits for Kids

Can you believe that it is August already? I know when my kids were younger, August was the point where they felt they had done everything that there was to do, they were sick of swimming or riding their bike and it wasn’t quite time for school to start. I heard, more than I care to count, the dreaded “I’m bored!” and “there’s nothing to do!” Here are a few ideas to help entertain them using gourds if this is where you and your kids are right now.

We have a wonderful area here at the farm called our raw gourd area. In it you will find all different shapes and sizes of gourds that are already cleaned and just waiting to be crafted. If you are not nearby, try looking up a store nearby that may have gourds, or you can order them directly from our website.

Gourds are very versatile and can have so many things added or done to them. They can be painted with any type of paint or dye found at your local craft store. They can be wood burnt or decoupage (which means adding dried flowers, stickers, or any other material to the gourd using Modge Podge to adhere to it). You can also drill a hole in it to use as a birdhouse or carefully cut the top off with a jigsaw, scrape out the seeds and pulp and make a trinket box. Always remember to spray a layer of poly-acrylic on your gourd when you are completed to help preserve it. If your gourd is going outside, make sure you use an outside poly-urethane.