Get to Know our Expert Shipper, Nathan

It may seem at this point that everyone at Meadowbrooke has been here since their infancy, and yes, Nathan “Gustavo” Bear is no exception. He was literally born into the world of Meadowbrooke Gourds by having the good fortune of being Ben and Denise’s second child. From the age of three, Nathan went to “work” with his dad, and will sheepishly admit that it was more to keep an eye on him and get him out of his mother’s hair for a moment than to actually be gainfully employed. But it certainly didn’t take long until he was a full-fledged member of the farm crew; sorting, planting, and harvesting with the others. His father also taught him how to farm among many other things involved in running a business, and in a matter of ten years, he started his career in the shipping department.

At the age of thirteen, Nathan began to learn the process in which Meadowbrooke ships out their finished gourds. He helped out in the summers and after school, until he was sixteen, it was at that time, he found himself in the unusual position of managing the entire shipping department. After a few years, Nathan graduated from high school and became a full-time employee. His main focus was, of course, shipping, but he also still helped out on the farm crew when he had time, went to some of the wholesale shows and did landscaping on the grounds which he also enjoys.

Today you will find Nathan hard at work throughout the year shipping every single gourd Meadowbrooke makes. He is the designated shipper and has an employee of one, himself. He lives nearby, so he is able to work early in the morning, and also late at night when he needs to. Often, he will have his furry companion Behr the dog at his side, who is a very good company. When Nathan is not working, he likes to go hiking and kayaking with his friends. He also likes to travel and has been many places in his young life. When he spoke about his job, he said nothing really interests him more than what he’s doing right now because of the freedom, variety, and flexibility it provides. He likes being involved in such a unique company and as he puts it, “there’s no other job like it.”