Crafting your own Gourd with Us

Well, here we go again, breaking something that is working well and bringing smiles to many of our customers. Why would we do this? It’s simple; really, we can do even better if we rebuild it from the bottom up.

So what is the big problem? Our Create Your Own Events are full, customers are happy, and nearly everyone is having a good time. There are two main problems. In our current system, our customers have had to stand in line a bit too long to work with our master craftsmen. If the business continues to grow, our lines will get longer and at some point, the smiles will turn to frowns. The second main problem is the different levels of creativity each person feels. I think we could make it a lot easier for some of our less creative customers to have a great time and leave with a gourd they are very proud to have made.

We have been busy little beavers this winter remodeling our production areas so we can hold our Create Your Own Events in our main production area. We expect to have much shorter lines because we have a lot more space and tools for our master crafters to assist you. In addition, we are currently developing a fresh new line of Easter products for you to choose from. For the very creative, we have blank gourds that you can customize exactly as you have in the past. For the moderately creative people, we have partially crafted blanks where the hardest parts have already been done. For those of you who feel challenged when creating your own, you have the option to choose a blank that is mostly completed and you just need to build it and accessorize it.

Each of our crafters will be able to assist you from their main work stations. In the crafting room, you will be able to have custom cutting and burning done. In our paint room, you will be able to dye or paint your own gourd with an expert to assist, if you choose. In our finishing room, you can watch our best finishers finish coat your gourd. In our parts room, you will have a wide variety of parts and supplies to accessorize your own gourd. Again there will be one of our experts to help if needed.

Our goal is to share a great experience with everyone and help each person craft a gourd that makes them smile. We are very excited to share this new experience with all our customers and hope you will share your feedback with us.