Back to Work

I have now been back in the store for one week and two days and I cannot explain how excited that makes me. My store is one of my happy places and I have missed it and all my customers. I am amazed at how many regulars I have seen in this short amount of time, almost like they were waiting for us to open as much as we were. I also am very surprised by how many are walking through our doors for the first time. They have heard about us from friends, family members, or Facebook and looking to support local businesses and also buy products that are USA-made.


Most of you know that my husband, Todd, also works here at Meadowbrooke as a crafter so we were locked down, quarantined (or whatever you want to call it) together along with our two grown children. Both kids were still working because they were considered essential workers but we got to spend a lot of time as a family that hasn’t happened since they were young. We were able to play games, cards, have bonfires, eat supper together, and just talk. I feel blessed to have had this time even if the circumstances were not what I would have wanted.

Thank you

While we were home, there were a few that kept working at Meadowbrooke to keep things going and I want to give a huge shout out to them! They were inventive and imaginative, tirelessly coming up with new designs and limited quantity gourds. For many who could not spend Easter or Mother’s Day together this year, they had beautiful baskets that could be customized and sent for your loved one. They did everything they could to make it possible for me and a small crew of production to come back once we went to the yellow phase in PA. So, thank you Ben, Brandon, Ashley, Nathan, Emily, and Travis for everything you did. Also a big thank you to our customers who did not forget about us during all this time and continued to support us.

Transitioning and Planning

As we transition and start getting our feet wet with the new guidelines and restrictions, we have started to work on what the next 7 months are going to look and feel like. While we do not own a crystal ball, we are being optimistic and planning for our events and how we need to modify them. We need to think about the safety of everyone involved, so make sure to keep checking on the events as we will release details as we work on them.

Newest Addition

The biggest blessing we had during our lockdown was the birth of Owen. He is absolutely adorable (I may be a bit biased since I am his great-aunt)! Owen is Ashley and Phil’s first baby (Izzy was their first fur baby) and the first grandchild of Ben and Denise (owners of Meadowbrooke). He was born on April 29th, weighing in at almost 9 lbs. Everyone is doing great and according to Nanny Bear (AKA Denise), he is a very good baby, only cries when wet or wants to be fed, and has just started smiling a lot. Ashley has started back to work and Nanny gets to spend a lot of time with him. I’m sure he is not getting spoiled at all. Congratulations to everyone!

Well, as we prepare to move forward, I want to thank again all of you that have purchased our gourds or spread the word about us to your friends and family. You are truly why we do what we do and appreciate every single one of you!

Until next month,