A New Face at Meadowbrooke

Some companies have revolving doors when it comes to employees but that is not the case at Meadowbrooke. Most people when they come to work at Meadowbrooke tend to stick around for many, many years so when we have openings, it is exceedingly rare. 2022 has proven to be one of these rare years in which we not only hired one new person but two. This month, I would like to introduce to you one of the two, Meg.

Some of you may have already met Meg during our Spring events at the farm. She grew up in Bowmansdale, PA which is in Perry County just north of our farm and graduated from West Perry High School. She grew up in a large family with six siblings, two brothers and four sisters. Holidays are very noisy but lots of fun as there is almost thirty family members that get together to share the time together. She currently still lives in Perry County with her two daughters, Nora and Nevin and one son, Logan.

Since high school, she has held various jobs such as delivering auto parts, working in childcare, and driving school bus. While talking to her she stated that she has finally found her happy place to work. We have one of her friends to thank for bringing her our way. Her friend saw the help wanted post on Facebook for a production person and sent it to Meg. Meg read over the job and thought “I think I can do that”! She came in for a day to try it out and was hooked.

When I asked her what she liked most so far, she said she loves the flexibility that she is awarded at Meadowbrooke and the wonderful people she gets to work with every day.  She stated the hardest part so far is in the crafting area and trying to get the jigsaw to do what she wants it to do when cutting the gourds. This is a common sentiment said about our crafting area and why it takes years to become an expert crafter. Currently, she spends most of her time in our parting out area adding noses, scarves, hats to our gourd creations but she is also a floater going into all areas of production to help where she is needed and helping at events.

Meg is always upbeat, smiling and a fantastic addition to our team. She is motivated and learns very quickly. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting, working in her garden, hiking, and camping. Her project right now is remodeling a school bus into a mini house for her and her kids to travel around in and sightsee. Her perfect day would consist of drinking her morning coffee sitting by a campfire or on a porch without being disturbed by the kids. Every parent’s dream, quiet time before the day begins.

We are super excited to have Meg join the Meadowbrooke team and plan to keep her in her happy place for as long as we can. Make sure if you are at the farm and see her, stop, and say “hi,” she will respond with a big smile on her face. Next month, I will introduce you to Kara, our new crafter.