A Day in the Life of Izzy

Hi, I’m Izzy, a Mini Golden Doodle and this is a story about my typical day living on the farm at Meadowbrooke Gourds. I spend my days with my Mom, Ashley.

It is 5:30 am and my mom’s alarm goes off. She turns the lights on and says “good morning”. I put my paws over my eyes to hide the light. I am not ready to get up yet but she insists I get up or else I cannot go to work with her. After breakfast, I follow her out to her car and jump in. I love car rides. We take a short 5-second ride down the lane to work. As soon as she opens the door to Meadowbrooke Gourds, I immediately run to my favorite room, the Finishing Room, and beg Shawn to give me a treat. Once I get my treat, I beg Mom to put me up in my special bed on her work table. Now I can finally go back to sleep. Every morning while I am sleeping/relaxing I have my favorite people come to visit me and rub my belly. “I am not spoiled”….

Once Ashley is done inspecting gourds she puts me back on the floor and has me run out to the store with her. Here I immediately run behind the cash register and beg Dori for a treat. “Again I am not spoiled”… In the store, my job is to greet every person who walks through the door and make them smile. Trust me I am not a cheap worker because I know I am pretty darn cute. After the store, I go into the shipping area and find my cousin, Behr. Behr is a German Shepard who loves to wrestle. After I get to play for a little while, it is time to go back to my special bed where I can watch over my favorite room and keep an eye on everyone to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly.

Eventually, Ashley tells me it is time to go to the farm crew. This is my absolute favorite time of the day! At the farm crew, I get to run around like a nut with my best friend Karma (a black and white Sheepadoodle) for three and a half hours. I get to jump over gourds, dig under the plastic, roll around in the mud, pick up rotten gourds and get lots of attention from the 8 farm crew workers. By the time the farm crew is over, I usually need to be washed off in the tub. This is my least favorite part of the day. But once my bath is over I am ready for bed and I snuggle up with Mom. I am pretty sure I have the best life a dog could have!