The View From My Window

It’s a new day. My children are on their way to school and my husband is already at work. It is time for me to go to work also. As I make my scenic drive, I survey the fields and creek for wildlife. Spotting no animal activity today, my mind happily recalls the various sightings in the past of deer, foxes, opossum, skunks, squirrels, turtles, frogs, rabbits, and many waterfowl. I park my van and then take in a deep breath of fresh country air as I walk toward the door.

I take a seat and begin my day in front of the computer and my beloved window. As my computer loads, my eyes glance out to see the green fields of soybean plants. There are pretty white butterflies fluttering among the crop. In two years there will be gourds planted in this very field. How exciting it is to watch the gourd vines grow, blossom and then produce little soft green gourds that will someday be hand-crafted treasures.

It is time to focus my attention and energy on my web orders and many emails. The phone rings and I answer it. On the other end is a wholesale customer placing an order for our winter products. She knows how important it is to place an order early so she is assured to get all of the gourds she wants to order. And this is how I spend my day; replying to emails, entering orders and talking with great people from all over the country.

In between these tasks, I sneak a glance out my window. This time my eyes focus on the beauty of the Blue Mountains. The bright blue sky makes a perfect backdrop. In Autumn, this mountain will boast brilliant shades of red, orange and gold. My attention is grabbed by a tree swallow that just flew into the bungalow birdhouse hanging on the front porch. The birds love these houses, especially in the spring when they are nesting and raising their families.

The phone rings and my mind rushes back to reality. It is a bus company calling to reserve a date for a group tour. Outside my window, I see many school children, Red Hat Ladies, senior center residents, scouts, and 4H groups visit for a tour throughout the year. Most groups opt to make a gourd project while they here. All ages seem intrigued by the fascinating process our gourds go through to become a first-class Meadowbrooke Gourd.

It is now time to reply to an email I just received about fundraising. It is such a good feeling to help non-profit groups raise some money for their cause. As I wait for my computer to send the reply, I look out and see a happy customer leaving with two shopping bags full of great finds from our retail store. Soon this scene will be very common as the Fall Festival and Winter Gala events are quickly approaching. My work is done for today. I take one last look out my window before turning off my light. I am so thankful for this beautiful sight.