The New and Improved Store

There have been so many exciting things happening in our little corner of the world. It began a little over a year ago when we decided that we needed more room for our shipping area, gourd storage, and our retail store. So, we began to make a plan about making some of these changes and where we wanted to start. If you have been out to the store in the last 3 or so weeks, you have probably noticed some major changes. We have now moved our entire raw gourd area inside so no more sweating to death in the summer or losing feeling in your fingers when it is cold. They are in a climate controlled area and it is very comfortable to shop now.

We have also doubled the size of the main store by opening up the back room and totally giving it a makeover. We have put up new walls with fresh paint, upgraded our electric so it is easier to light up our gourds for you to see and included a permanent crafter’s corner where Ben and Ashley can make their ideas come to life with new products. Some may remember this area being part of retail initially during our Fall and Winter Open Houses but then it always went back to our shippers. Now I get to decorate this wonderful area which holds our Winter, Spring and All Season gourds. This area will also include a new parts area but that is not quite thought through completely yet so that probably won’t happen until next year.

I have also ordered some new display furniture but unfortunately, that won’t be here for a few more weeks. I am having so much fun seeing a vision come to life. In the meantime, I am busy moving things around, getting organized, filling in and cleaning so when you come to our Fall Open House weekends at the end of the month, you will hopefully be as delighted with the extra room and selection of gourds as I am. I just can’t wait for you to see it!