The Amazing Gourd Plant Game Rules and Tips

This will be the final time to make a guess for our amazing gourd plant game. Our plant has set its fruit and is growing very slowly at this time. We are also facing some disease issues that are starting to stunt its growth.

I have placed an extension on top of the telephone pole that extends up to 42 feet 6 inches (510 inches).The last extension is above the level that I can safely continue to train the vine. This crazy gourd plant has amazed me. I had no idea that it would climb the whole way up a telephone pole in a little over a month.

So today September 1st, our next round of The Amazing Gourd Plant game begins. The gourd vine has already grown to 461 inches.

All you need to do is place your best guess on our website of how tall you think the vine will be at our next official measuring. Your chances to guess for this next game period are September 1st – 11th. The official measuring will be on September 13th at 9:00 am. We will announce the winner on September 15th. The guessing period ends a couple of days before the official measuring so that no one can see the vines just before we measure it. There will be a couple more chances to play. Just check the schedule below.

Amazing gourd plant game rules:

  1. Guesses must be in inches. We will measure to the closest inch.
  2. Only one guess per person may be placed during each ten-day guessing period.
  3. Only one winner will be selected for each ten-day guessing period.
  4. If multiple people guess the correct height we will randomly select a single winner.
  5. If no one guesses the exact height, the winner will be the closest guess.
  6. To keep the game fair Meadowbrooke employees, friends and families may not participate.
  7. To place a more educated guess read the gourd keepers tips and plant history.
  8. To place your guess go to our website homepage and click on the button that says place guess now.

Gourd Keeper’s History

  • July 1st our amazing gourd plant was 6” tall
  • July 15th it stood at 93” tall
  • July 29th it was 251” tall (closest guess was 231”)
  • August 1 it is at 275 ” tall or 22’-9”
  • August 13th it was 411” or 31’-3”
  • August 29th it was 461” or 38’ - 5”
  • During the month of July, the gourd plant grew 269” for an average of almost 9” per day

Gourd Keeper’s Tips:

  1. The gourd plant can only grow 48 more inches tall until it has reached the top of our extension added to the telephone pole.
  2. I can not train the vine so it may grow up, down or sideways.
  3. My best guess is that it will grow 36 inches more.

Winning prize:

The gourd keeper and his daughter will create a one of a kind gourd for each winner. The winner will be notified by Facebook and in our online newsletter. The first winner will be announced on August 1st.

Amazing gourd plant game schedule.

Vote September 1 - 11, Measure Gourd September13th- 9:00 am, Announce Winner September 15