Selling Out The Famous Gourd Egg Hunt

It’s Monday Morning, March 23rd at 8:55. I come into my office to get ready for what I think will be a nice relaxing day on the gourd farm. It is our slow season and many of our customers already have all the Easter gourds they need. I turn on my computer and begin my morning tasks. Little do I know what is about to happen. The phone begins to ring, it’s 9:00 AM, as I am answering that phone call, and the other phone lines ring. Right then I freeze remembering what today is. The person on the other end of the phone says the words I will hear for the next 4 hours straight. “Hello, I would like to sign up for your egg hunt”.


What happens over the next 4 hours is like nothing we have ever experienced at Meadowbrooke Gourds. We open up our e-mail and see over 200 e-mails coming in most of the time-stamped only seconds apart. At the same time, the phone is ringing, and we are answering calls as they come in, but there are only 2 phone lines and we are quickly overwhelmed. By 9:15 AM, the decision is made. Change the recording on the phone and let’s start sifting through voice mails and e-mails to figure out who got into the Egg Hunt and who might have been just a few seconds late.

When the dust had settled 4 hours later, we saw that the eggs hunts were all sold out in the first 23 minutes of the day. The first hunt sold out by 9:05 AM. That is a rock concert fast! We did our best to inform those that made the cut and those that didn’t. We even have a waiting list that is 500 people long. We had created something that might never be rivaled in Meadowbrooke history again……or at least until next year?!?!