Our Adorable New Tiny Gourds

​As most of you know, Meadowbrooke is never content so we are always looking for the newest design and always listening to our customer’s ideas. So, our team of about twenty-some people has decided to start something completely new and completely challenging. We have decided to handcraft the teeniest, tiniest gourds we have ever done. So what’s the big deal? If you can create and craft big gourds why isn’t crafting small gourds easier?

Tiny gourds are much harder to craft and there are so many of them. If you ever have gone on our tour, you will notice we put our gourds on carts as they move from one area to another. One cart of big pieces would have only twelve gourds on it and take only several hours to complete. Tiny gourd carts now can have up to 1,000 gourds on it and that takes days and days to complete. No matter how cute and how they sell, that’s a long, long time to craft a single cart of gourds!

We know we are the ones who thought it might be a good idea to see how small we could make a bunny, chick, duck or bird but what stunned us this spring was how many of them we would need to make not just once but again and again and again, I think you get the point. We had everyone possible in the company helping out if they had a little downtime or happened to walk through the wrong place at the wrong time and got snagged with a cart. After all this, we still just got them to our stores on time.

After seeing the great response of these little tiny gourds, everyone needed to know who exactly came up with this idea? Well, my name (Ben) and Ashley’s name were thrown around as the designers and I’m sure our names were said under each crafters breath as they made hundreds and hundreds of these tiny designs.

So we decided to appreciate the problem and be thankful for the good there is in this problem. We created something that is touching lots and lots of people. Our team has plenty of work and most likely we will be adding a new member to our team soon. This really is the best kind of problem a business like ours can have, demand for more than we can craft.

I want to thank our team, Ashley (even though we hold her fully responsible) and a big thank you to all our customers. That is what I really feel. You all make this dream reality.