Our 2016 Meadowbrooke Calendars

About two years ago, many of you may remember getting a Meadowbrooke calendar in the mail. I worked with Emily at Pixel and Hammer in Carlisle to create a very nice calendar showcasing pictures of our gourds from our catalog. I heard back from a few of you saying how nice the calendar was but wasn’t sure if it really “did” anything for you. That was until the next year about the same time the other calendar had been sent. Everyone was wondering where the new calendar was. By this time, it was too late in the year to get a new one printed but I promised one for 2016.

2016 is almost here and guess what, the new calendars have arrived! I must say I am super excited about this one. A few of us here at Meadowbrooke along with Pixel and Hammer again has designed a beautiful calendar full of our gourds. There are also little tidbits of information about what we are up to Meadowbrooke each month of the year. This calendar is also larger than the last one, printed on some pretty cool satin paper and is more what we like to consider “Meadowbrooked” which is just a fancy way of saying “US”. Another added touch is that we have already filled in the dates of when we will be holding our Spring Fest, Summer Celebration, Fall Fest and Winter Gala and all days we will be closed in 2016. This takes all the guesswork out of when our events are going to be held and when to invite the family over for a visit to the farm.

Our 2016 calendar will be taking the place of the flyers that were normally sent out before each of the open house events. Instead, all you need to do is check the calendar and when it is close to an event, visit our website at www.mbgourds.com, go under events and you will see all the details. Also, if you get our bi-monthly newsletters that go out, you will be updated as soon as details have been listed on our website. Of course, you can always call us for information too.

If you are close by our store, please stop in for your calendar at your earliest convenience. If you live a little farther away, please visit our website to order your calendar online and we will mail one to you right away. For those of you that have already seen the calendar, I hope you are enjoying looking through it and finding just the perfect place to hang it in your home.