Meadowbrooke in June

June, the month that goes hand in hand with summer. Warm weather, vacations, days spent by the pool or creek, picnics in the park, and walks to the ice cream store. This also means the kids are out of school and maybe already bored and picking on their siblings or worse yet, friends.

I know when my kids were home, I always had things for them to do on those days that seemed to last forever. If you are looking for fun activities to do with the kids this summer, I am hoping to have you covered. I will be making sure that the Crafter’s Kit Corner is stocked and ready to help ease those long days of boredom. I recently put dog and cat kits out, will soon have the supplies for pigs and I still have all the parts to make snowmen, angels, bunnies, chicks, jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows. I also have already pre-packaged kits if you are not interested in picking out things separately. Our pre-packaged kits are made up to make Angels, Hens, Cats, Turkeys and Jack-O-Lanterns. Don’t live close enough to come into the store, no worries, give the retail store a call and we can have the pre-packaged ones shipped to you while supplies last.

Summertime in the store is fun because all summer we have people from far off and unusual places stop by our store on the way to and from vacations and visiting family members. Some people drive hours out of their way just to stop out at our little place. If you are having relatives visit you this summer coming up to the farm to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a tour is a great way to spend an afternoon. We do a public tour every Tuesday at 2:00pm. You do not need to make reservations, just show up at the store. You will get to go through the three main areas of our crafting areas and see how each gourd is created by our master crafters. We also have picnic tables out so feel free to bring lunch and enjoy our view.

The store is once again making a few transitions. We recently started replacing our older display units with Amish made furniture from Lancaster. The furniture looks beautiful and makes displaying our gourds and accessories so easy. I am waiting for some new carpet for our Winter area and then I think we will be done at least until next month. Nothing stays in the same place for too long. Meadowbrooke is busy in other areas too. June means planting time on the farm. Our gourds were started about a month ago in the greenhouse and as I type this, the first planting of gourds has already been completed and the next one will soon begin. All gourds that were drying in the fields over the winter have been brought in, sorted and stored and our crafting areas have moved on from bunnies and chicks and have gone full bore into fall.

Hope you have a safe summer and until next month,