Hostess Gift Ideas

A very important part of the upcoming holiday season is to gather with our family and friends to celebrate and reflect on the milestones of the last year. Almost 50% of people will be invited to someone else’s house to share a meal, visit and get caught up on all that is happening in each other’s life.

This brings up the questions of should I take along a hostess gift and if so, what? Although it is not completely necessary and most hostesses do not expect a small show of appreciation, I am sure they will accept it with a gracious thank you. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a scented candle or if you really want something different and unique, a Meadowbrooke Gourd.

We have seasonal gourds that would make great hostess gifts, but we also have gourds that can be left out year-round. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, our turkeys, leaf vases, or treasure boxes would make a great gift. Theodore, Lydia and Lyden from our turkey families and our Leaf Vases can be lit with a battery-operated tea light and will warm up your hostess’ home on chilly evenings. The Treasure Box would be a wonderful gift filled with your host’s favorite chocolate or hard candy. Most of these gourds are part of the Fall Sale in our retail store this Saturday, November 17th.

Christmas will be here before we know it and we have you covered there too. We have introduced two of our new Littles in our winter line, the Little Meadowbrooke and the Little Philip snowmen that could not be any cuter. If you like the tea light gourds, we have plenty of them in snowmen, angels, bears, penguins, elves and the list goes on. The really nice thing about most of these are that they can be left out all winter. We also have lots of great ornaments that would look great on any tree.

But, if you think your hostess would prefer something to be left out year-round, may I suggest one of our tea lit Wine Silhouettes or our Gourd Lantern. If they are a cat or dog lover, look at our Max the dog or Katie the cat. For those farmhouse décor fans, we have Shelby the sheep or Nellie the cow for you to choose from.

There are so many beautiful and interesting gourds to choose from you can’t go wrong. Unlike flowers that die, candy that gets eaten or a scented candle that burn out, a gourd will last forever and each year when it is gotten out to decorate for the season, that person will think of you and remember a great memory.