Feeling Like Spring

Spring is in the air at Meadowbrooke. All the winter decorations have come down and were replaced with Spring flowers, pastel colors, Spring décor and even new Spring scents. It still may be gray and dreary outside but when you open the door to the store, we are blooming with sunshine and warmth.

Spring Create Your Own

Our Spring Create Your Own is happening at the end of the month on March 21-22 and March 28-29. We have some really neat new Spring gourd designs to choose from this year. Ashley has taken lots of pictures of the projects that are going to be offered and has posted them so you can look through to see what you would like to make even before you get there. There are still openings and if you would like to get more information, visit our website at https://mbgourds.com/event/spring-create-your-own-2020/.

Local Artist

In the back room of our store, we have a special section for just local artist. These artists buy gourds from us, take them home to do their own crafting and then bring them back into the store to be sold on consignment. The nice thing about this is that everyone has their own unique style and no two pieces are alike. This is a great place to get a one of a kind pieces for the gourd lover in your life. I like to think this is a win-win for everyone. The more the artist sells, the more commission they make, the more gourds they need to buy, the more they bring in for me to sell and the cycle continues. By the time the Create Your Owns roll around, the local artist section should be stocked with the new season just waiting to go to their new homes.


We will be having a class during our Egg Hunt on April 25th (rain date May 2).  It will be a walk in class to paint your own birdhouse or butterfly house. April is a great time to start hanging out your birdhouses as our feathered friends begin looking for homes to build nests in. For those of you that have not heard of a butterfly house, let me explain. Butterflies do not literally live in a butterfly house, but they will use these houses to get in out of inclement weather or to escape from a predator. Once the weather or danger has passed, they will go on their merry way. Butterfly houses are best placed low to the ground and near gardens, so they are easily accessible. No registration is required for this class and each gourd is $10.00. A great way to spend the day with friends and family.

I know warmer weather is coming and soon the days will longer. In about a week, we lose an hour of sleep as we move the clocks forward on March 8th. This always throws a monkey wrench in my schedule (not as bad as when my kids were younger, and bedtime was no longer dark) for a few days until I get adjusted. Hoping I get to see a bunch of you this month as we climb out of our homes for some much-needed time out and about at the farm.

Until next month,