Common Questions and Their Answers

Since folks are naturally intrigued by gourds and interested in our unique business, each day we are asked many questions. In this article, we have answered the most commonly asked questions. How do I remove a base that is stuck? Turn your gourd over and find the sanded notch where the cord is. Place a butter knife against the sanded notch. Place the point of the knife against the wooden base. Apply some pressure against the wooden base with the point and, like a bottle opener, use the leverage to pop the base off. Then pull the base completely out to change the light bulb.

Why is there a hole drilled in the back of my gourd? The 1-inch hole in the back of the gourd is for your light cord. Gently squeeze the clips around the light bulb and insert half of the clip into the hole in the gourd. Do not put the clips in entirely or the bulb will be very difficult to remove.

Where do your raw gourds come from?

We grow about 30 acres of gourds on our farm in Central Pennsylvania each year. It takes almost a full year for the crop to grow and be harvested. We grow many different sizes and varieties of gourds. They are stored in our gourd barns until they are needed by production.

When are your web sales?

We have 4 retail web sales each year. There is one sale each season, usually close to a major holiday. Sign up for our email Newsletter to receive info on our sales.

Can I put my gourds outside?

The only gourds that are designed to be outdoors are the birdhouses. All of our other products are to be displayed indoors and out of the direct sunlight.

Where can I buy your gourds close to where I live?

We have a Store Locator on our website. Just click on the “Visit” tab on the toolbar, enter your address and click submit. Then a list of local stores will appear.

Where do you get your gourd accessories?

We hand make most of the extra parts that are added to our gourd creations. All of the hats, pipes, earmuffs, leaves, handles, bow ties, buttons, ears, etc. are made on our farm as part of the production process. Sorry, these accessories are not sold separately on our web site. However, some of our accessories are available for sale in our Retail Store.

How long do gourds last?

Our gourds are completely dried and are heirloom quality. They will last indefinitely, as long as they are not dropped.

Can I put a candle in it?

No, do not put an open flame in the gourds. Gourds are flammable and will burn. Remember dried gourds are very similar to wood.

Each year we introduce brand new gourd designs and retire some well-known designs. If you no longer see the gourd you are looking for in our current catalog or on our website it has either been retired or is sold out. You are welcome to call us to check on the stock of any product.

We hope this has been informative and addressed the gourd related questions you have. However, if you still have a question please feel welcome to call or email us. We’d love to hear from you.